Choosing Best Food for Red Eared Slider Turtle: A Beginner’s Guide

Red-eared slider turtles are the most preferred species of turtles that are kept as pets because of their healthy characteristics and ability to adapt themselves in different living conditions. They are also known for their interaction and easily getting comfortable with people.

If properly taken care of, these turtles can live up to 20 years. Their adaptability to the environment makes it easy to care for these animals. They can eat almost everything as they are omnivorous species. When in wild, their diet depends on insects, worms, small fish, and sometimes, snails and water plants.

They are often seen lying and resting on top of rocks to get themselves warm and digest their food. If there is no space, they just lie over one another. They can also dig themselves into the sand to keep themselves warm when the outside temperature is cold enough. They are known as sliders because they just slide away into the water if they are disturbed.

Nutrition setting for red-eared slider turtles:

It is necessary to provide the best food for red-eared slider turtles to keep your pet healthy and active. They eat everything like plants, proteins, and meat as they are omnivorous. But you still have to choose wisely the diet for your pet as a regular diet may lead the pet to have no interest in eating. Like humans, food presentation and freshness can be attributed as an important factor for your pets.

The diet preferences may vary according to the age of the reptile you have. Younger red-eared slider turtles may not consume food daily but twice or thrice in a week. Whereas juveniles are known to eat daily and they prefer a protein diet. It should be noted that the pet has enough food for consumption otherwise excess food will be wasted by the turtle leading to contamination of the tanks.

Green Vegetables:

Turtles may prefer vegetables than protein diets when they are at a younger age. They are often attracted to mustard greens, bok choy, and dandelion greens. You must look for vegetables that are rich in calcium and phosphorous.

Aquatic Plants:

Water grown plants like sea grass, frog bit are most favorite meal for the turtles.

Prey Food:

Turtles prefer protein diet when they are in growing age so they can have enough nutrition. A balanced best food for red-eared slider turtle may include earthworms, snails, daphnia, shrimps, and wax worms for healthy eating.